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Brief Bio

Growing up record shopping with his mom and listening to his parents’ music collection at home in Chicago’s Robert Taylor Lower Development Homes, Mike Dunn fell in love with soul, funk and disco music, and later, house music and hip hop. That love took him outside his home when he began DJing block club and basement parties in and around his neighborhood, then progressed to clubs and events around the city, working with house music legends such as Bam Bam, Tyree Cooper, Marshall Jefferson, Armando and others. In 1987, Mike produced his first house music release, “Dance You Mutha” on Westbrook Records. As he continued to work in the studio in Chicago and in clubs around the world, Mike’s signature Chicago house track/acid house and hip house sound emerged and was reflected in a string of releases, including house classics “So Let It Be Houze!”, “Pressure Cooker” “Life Goes On”, “Magic Feet”, “God Made Me Phunky” and the infamous “Phreaky MF”.

Mike later added hip hop and R&B to his production plate when he inked a deal with Sean “P. Diddy” Combs’ Bad Boy Records for his imprint, Dunn Ruff Entertainment, through which he released the Chicago anthem, “On My Momma” by True Enuff featuring Swing & Bigg Huss. He also produced records for Public Announcement, Do or Die, Syleena Johnson and Jennifer Hudson. Most recently, Mike has teamed up with long-time friend and fellow Chosen Few DJ member Terry Hunter to create House N’ HD, a production group that already has stirred up a buzz with its first two releases and is working on a third with Chicago MC Teefa. The newest member of The Chosen Few DJs, Mike joined the group in 2012.

Latest Release

Play DJ Beat That Shhh/Move It, Work It Now.

On 7th August the godfather Mike Dunn presents an EP fuelled by a pumping heart of pure house, entitled ‘DJ Beat That Shhh’ / ‘Move It Work It’.

Both tracks capture Mike’s essence, placing his trademark hip house booty style vocals and stripped-back, jacking drums centre stage.

‘DJ Beat That Shit’ is classic, bumping 90s Chi goodness updated with modern technology, whilst ‘Move It, Work It’ is a no-nonsence smoke and strobe throbber, that recalls the best of Trax and DJ International.

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